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可持續發展目標(SDGs)網上學習獎勵計劃 意見問卷 Participants' feedback on SDGs eLearn Award Scheme



如有查詢,歡迎電郵至[email protected]

Thanks for your active participation in SDGs eLearn Award Scheme. You are invited to fill out the survey for us to review and improve the activity. 

Submit your feedback by 19 June 2023 will be regarded as ONE SDG action completed. 

For enquiry, please email to [email protected].

個人資料 Personal Information
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中文名字 Full Name in Chinese

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英文姓名 Full Name in English

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你的參加身份 Your role of participation 

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就讀學校 Name of School

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你的註冊帳戶電郵 Your registered email

於SDGs網上學習獎勵計劃的學習體驗 Your learning experience in SDG eLearn Award Scheme
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就你的體驗而言,請為網上學習平台的不同方面的表現評分 Please rate the following performance aspects of eLearn Platform according to your participation experience.

能增加我對「可持續發展目標」的認識 Enrich my knowledge of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
學習體驗有助提升我在日常生活中實踐「可持續發展目標」的意願The learning experience make me more willing to support and take action for SDGs in daily life
學習指示及步驟清晰易明 Learning instruction and steps are clear and easy-to-follow
活動設計具互動性 Activity design are interactive
SDG課程內容的深淺度 (5 =太艱深 / 3 =適中 / 1=太淺易) Degree of difficulty of the SDG course content (5=too difficult / 3=moderate / 1=too simple)
SDG行動的難易度 (5=太難實踐 / 3=適中 / 1=太易實踐) Degree of difficulty of the SDG actions (5=too difficult / 3=moderate / 1=too simple)
網上學習平台的設計美觀 Good design, look and feel of the eLearn Platform
網上學習平台操作反應良好及穩定 Good responsiveness and stability of the eLearn Platform
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如果可以的話,你想改變網上學習平台的哪一個地方,以提升你的學習體驗?What is ONE thing you would like to change about the eLearn Platform to improve your learning experiences if you could?

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整體而言,你滿意可持續發展目標(SDGs)網上學習獎勵計劃所提供的學習體驗嗎?In general, are you satisfied with the learning experiences from SDGs eLearn Award Scheme?

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你願意向朋友、同學或其他老師推介UNICEF HK網上學習平台嗎?Are you willing to introduce UNICEF HK eLearn Platform to friends, schoolmates or other teachers? 

自我評估 Self review

參與是次網上學習獎勵計劃,我的兩個得着是... After joining the SDGs eLearn Award Scheme, I have learnt 2 things, they are...

我會如何在生活或學習上善用這些得着? How will I apply the mentioned learning in my daily life or my study?

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參與是次學習獎勵計劃,能有助我提升以下能力。I think the Scheme helps to improve my skills listed below:

創意 Creativity
慎思明辨 Critical thinking
解難能力 Problem solving
與他人合作 Cooperation
遊說能力 Negotiation
決策能力 Decision making
自我管理能力 Self management
抗逆力 Resilience
溝通能力 Communication
尊重多元 Respect for diversity
同理心 Empathy
積極參與 Active participation