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聯合國兒童基金會青年使者計劃2022報名表格 Application Form of UNICEF Young Envoys Programme 2022




遞交文件程序 Document Submission Procedure




註一: 上述文件總大小不可超過10mb,如UNICEF HK因附件大小超過上限而無法收到補充文件,則當作申請未完成論。

註二: 有關作品之指定題目和遞交形式,請參閱網站 https://genaction.unicef.org.hk/zh-hant/programs/detail/8/6/  

註三 (如適用): 如作品短片大小超過10mb,你可以以電郵提供線上連結供UNICEF HK下載短片。

Note 1: The total size of documents should not exceed 10mb, fail submission of documents will be regarded as incomplete application. 

Note 2: For the topic and format of your piece of work, please refer to the website https://genaction.unicef.org.hk/zh-hant/programs/detail/8/6/ 

Note 3 (if applicable): If the size of your video work exceeds 10mb, you may provide an online download link to UNICEF HK. 



1. 請於2021年11月15日或之前填寫此表格,並依「遞交文件程序」指示,於限期前電郵遞交指定文件至[email protected]。 

2. 有關你申請青年使者計劃的資料及安排將以電郵通知,請時常留意電郵。

3. 最新資訊會在「UNICEF HK GenAction」的Facebook及Instagram專頁更新。

4. 如需修改資料,可以電郵聯絡UNICEF HK,請勿重複提交申請。


計劃查詢:教育主任(青年參與)鍾小姐 電郵:[email protected] 電話:2836 2978


Notes for Application

1. Please complete this form and follow the instruction in "Document Submission Procedure" to submit the documents to [email protected] on or before 15 Nov 2021.

2. All programme related information and arrangement regarding your application will be notified by email; please check your email regularly.

3. Programme updates will be also released on the UNICEF HK GenAction's Facebook Page & Instagram.

4. Please contact UNICEF HK via email if you have to correct any information submitted, DO NOT re-submit your application.


Enquiry: Ms. Chung, Officer, Education (Youth Engagement) Email: [email protected] Tel: 2836 2978


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